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Note: THE ISSUE below has not been updated since Dec. 5, 2022

We believe the Council must allow the citizens to elect their Council members and oppose the outgoing 2022 City Council approval of a process whereby the 2023 Council members in other districts appoint our representatives without a vote of the citizens of D8 & D10. If you would like to stay informed and be able to engage with the City Council on this issue, please fill in your contact information here.

We are an ad-hoc, grass-roots group of ordinary San Jose citizens. Our purpose in collecting names and emails is to be able to provide you with timely updates as this process unfolds and to continue to advocate for a Special Election. 

Only three people have access to the name and email database. We will not be sharing your information with anyone, and intend to destroy the database when this process is concluded. At any time if you wish to be removed from this list, please simply send an email to with the SUBJECT line REMOVE


We wish to stay informed as this unprecedented appointment process develops and is considered by the 2022 and 2023 San Jose City Council Members.

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if you would like us to send you text messages of meeting times / updates, please enter your cell number. Please email any questions or comments to

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