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Note: THE ISSUE below has not been updated since Dec. 5, 2022

The Issue:

Fact 1- In the November 8th election, San Jose voters chose Matt Mahan, the “Change Candidate”, as our next Mayor.


Fact 2 – On January 1, 2023 council districts, D8 & D10, will have vacant council seats due to Mahan’s election as Mayor and Arena’s election to the County Board of Supervisors.


Fact 3 - During the election campaign, all nine current Council members (excepting Mayor Liccardo and Matt) endorsed Matt’s opponent.


Fact 4 - Only four of the nine Council members serving in 2022 will continue in office in 2023. Four Council members, or six counting the two vacancies, will be new. A process that allows three 2022 termed-out Council members to decide on the 2023 Council membership is deeply flawed.


Fact 5 – Historically, the City of San Jose has held ‘special elections’ to fill vacant seats so that the citizens of the affected districts select their replacement Council member in fair and timely elections.




It is problematic that the current 2022 Council would evenhandedly appoint two new Council members to serve out the two years remaining for D8 & D10 for 2023 & 2024.


Preserving every citizen’s voting rights requires that they be allowed to elect their representatives (Council members), regardless of the cost. The highest priority of our representative, democratic form of government is elections – which means that citizens have voted for and a majority have selected the person that represents them.


San Jose City Council members should move the process forward as quickly as possible to hold a ’special election’ to fill these two vacant council district seats. Allowing citizens to elect their representatives is the most fundamental governmental function - more important than any other, including police & fire, health & welfare – and the cost of the election should not be considered a constraint or relevant factor.

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